Canadian artist, working traditionally in oil...en plein air and in studio


High-quality, signed and numbered, limited-edition Giclées of Algonquin and Kingswood golf courses.

Convenient 4.25" x 5.5" note cards in boxed sets of 10 cards with envelopes. One each of ten different images. They are blank inside with painting info on the back.



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The finest quality materials are used in creating these works. All boards and canvas are archival and paint and brushes are the best available.

Golf Giclées

Note Cards

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Purchase original oil paintings as a gift or simply to enrich your own life. There are many options.

Essentially, I have two distinctly separate set-ups, one for studio painting and one for plein air painting. My plein air gear is always packed and ready to go so I never have to worry about forgetting something when I am out in the field. I treat my equipment with great care and respect, perhaps hoping it will treat my paintings the same way!


I have a 12" x 17" Open Box M which gives me lots of mixing room. I painted the back side of a piece of 1/8" glass and installed it in my box with silicone so it could be removed if needed.


I use a Manfrotto professional photographer's tripod with a head and a quick release. It is lightweight yet sturdy and I attach it to my backpack.


Because I like a large mixing surface, I needed a backpack large enough to accommodate it, along with everything else needed for plein air painting. Mine is an Asolo and it has served me well for years. As mentioned, supplies are always packed and ready to go.


I purchased two inexpensive bookcases on casters from Staples and had a top built to cover them. A 19" x 31" piece of 1/4" glass is inset in the top, serving as a mixing surface. You don't need to spend a lot of money!


I can't really justify the cost of my dream easel so unless a Hughes 3000 suddenly appears out of thin air, I'll make do with my very simple but very adequate H-frame easel that I have used for years.


I have a stainless steel table from Home Depot that I use for framing paintings, two 6-drawer storage units from IKEA and a lot of simple storage shelving made from 1" x 4" strapping. Everything except for built-in shelving is on wheels.


Studio Equipment

Plein Air Equipment