Canadian artist, working traditionally in oil...en plein air and in studio


High-quality, signed and numbered, limited-edition Giclées of Algonquin and Kingswood golf courses.

Convenient 4.25" x 5.5" note cards in boxed sets of 10 cards with envelopes. One each of ten different images. They are blank inside with painting info on the back.



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The finest quality materials are used in creating these works. All boards and canvas are archival and paint and brushes are the best available.

Golf Giclées

Note Cards

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Purchase original oil paintings as a gift or simply to enrich your own life. There are many options.


I have built a library over the years which is a great source of both knowledge and joy. Some of these books and videos are relatively new while many of my most cherished books are old classics which have long been out of print. Richard Schmid is a painter I have admired a great deal and I regularly read his books and watch his videos. I have them all. I learn so much from my collection and often find new approaches and gain deeper understanding which I was not ready to absorb in earlier readings.

Winslow Homer In The Adirondacks

Landscapes: A step-By-Step Guide

Children in Art

Lessons in Classical Drawing

Through The Eyes of L. Da Vinci-Hardcover

Through The Eyes of L. Da Vinci-Softcover

The Complete Introduction to Drawing

The Fundamentals of Drawing

Drawing Course

Art and Fear

William Forrestall Paintings/Drawings

The Drawings of Bertrand

Art/Work; Everything You Need To Know…

The Impressionist's Handbook

How To Draw Cartoons

Harley Brown's Eternal Truths For Every Artist

Antonio Lopez Garcia

Van Gogh's Flowers


Albert Handell: A Retrospective 2007

Keys to Successful Landscape Painting

Keys to Successful Color

Keys to Painting Better Portraits

Keys to Painting Better Portraits

Draw Boats and Harbours

The Artist's Way

Carlson's Guide To Landscape Painting

Life, Paint and Passion

Anders Zorn: Sweden's Master Painter

Anders Zorn: Sweden's Master Painter

The Nature of Light

New York Paintings Cards


American Impressionism

The World of Michelangelo

Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market, 2000

Painting on Location

How to Paint Successful Seascapes

Guerrilla Marketing for Artists

Creative Composition & Design

Living the Artist's Life

Degas' Drawings

Composition: A Series of Exercises in Art…

The Art of Alex Colville

Canadian Impressionism


Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain


The World of Dürer

Portrait of Maquoketa

Hans Kanters

Artist's Manual

The Drawing and Painting Course

The Painter's Keys

In Praise of Painting

Max Ginsburg Retrospective

Oil Painting, the Workshop Experience

Drawing Made Easy

An Introduction to Painting Landscapes

Museo Sorolla

Brushwork for the Oil Painter

Gruppe on Painting

Color and Light

How to Draw Lifelike Portraits from Photo…

Oil Painting Workshop

Intuitive Light

Intuitive Composition

Painting the Landscape in Pastel

Painting With Brenda Harris

Italian Rennaissance Art

Hawthorne on Painting

The Art Spirit

Drawing Realistic Textures in Pencil

How To Become A Famous Artist…

Light For The Artist


Backpacker Painting

Pencil Broadsides

Artistic Secrets to Painting Tonal Values

The 5 Essentials in Every Powerful Painting

The World of Vermeer

Richard and Me

Plein Air Painting in Watercolor & Oil

Giovanni Boldini in Impressionist Paris

An Artist Teaches

Licensing Art and Design

Figure Drawing For All It's Worth

Emile A. Gruppe (catalogue)

Beaverbrook Art Gallery Collection, The

Visions & Voyages: The Art of Susan Lyon

Believe It Or Not You Can Draw

Fill Your Oil Paintings With Light and Color

Landscape Painting Inside & Out

100 Keys to Great Acrylic Painting

MonetDrawing the Head

The Artist's Handbook of Materials and Techniques

A Proven Strategy for Creating Great Art

British Impressionism

The Language of Drawing


Art and Civilization

The Art of Bruce Evens Newman

Recent Works: 2013

The Natural Way to Draw

John Singer Sargent: Portraits of the 1890s

The Painter in Oil

Charcoal, Sanguine, Crayon and Chalk


Monet: The Ultimate Impressionist

Composition of Outdoor Painting

Discover the Joy of Acrylic Painting

Drawing Landscapes in Pencil

Van Gogh in Arles

Joaquin Sorolla

Sorolla, The Masterworks

Composition in Art

Clouds & Skies

Drawing 2

Street Scenes

Techniques of the Great Masters of Art

Color Choices

Painter's Guide To Color

Sargent Notes

John Singer Sargent

Complete Guide to Drawing & Painting

The History Of Impressionism

The Art Course

Learn to Draw Countryside

The Art of Figure Drawing

Landscape Inspirations

Flower Painting

The Private Lives of the Impressionists

The Artists' Complete Guide to Figure…

Claude Monet

Face to Face With Greatness

Portraits from Life in 29 Steps

Richard Schmid Paints the Figure

Richard Schmid Paints the Figure

Richard Schmid Paints Landscapes

Richard Schmid Paints Landscapes

Alla Prima: Everything I Know About Painting

Alla Prima: Everything I Know About Painting

Alla Prima II: Everything I Know...

Richard Schmid: A Retrospective

The Landscapes

So You Love To Draw

The Acrylics Book

Edgar Payne: The Scenic Journey

Sargent to Freud

The Group of Seven and Tom Thomson

Paintings of Maine

Victorian Painting in the Beaverbrook Art…

An Introduction to Oil Painting

Drawing & Sketching

Oil Painting Techniques and Materials

The Practice and Science of Drawing

Van Gogh: A Retrospctive

Art of Drawing

How To See Color And Paint It

Ilya Repin

Capturing Light in Oils

The Art of Landscape Painting

Monet: A Retrospctive

Landscapes in Kansas

Alla Prima II Companion

Richard Schmid & His Influence (catalogue)

Wisdom & the Dreamer

Artist Survival Skills

Drawings Inspired by Life

Color Mixing the Van Wyk Way

Impressionism (Vols. 1&2)

The World of Rubens

Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green

Zorn in America

The World of Titian

Marketing Your Service

Acrylic Painters' Book of Styles and Tech…

Basic Flower Painting; Techniques…

The Renaissance

Modern Painting

How to Paint Flowers in the Studio

Sketching the Portrait

The Masters Portrait

Serene Waterfall, Part 1

Serene Waterfall, Part 2

Vermont Sugar Shack

Six Portrait Mastery Tutorials

Mastering Portrait Drawing 1

Rebecca: Firelit (2 disks)

Portrait Painting Duo

Solitary Profession

Painting Plein Air Impressionism

Light in the Landscape

Marine Painting: Art of the Wave

Toni: Alla Prima Portraiture

Painting the Portrait From Life

Russian Impressionism

An Afternoon With Nancy

Mystery Falls

Early Spring

In the Cedar Grove at Lobos Point

Albert Handell Workshop 2007 (3 disks)

Drawing Closer to Life

Lilies, Tulips and Stock

Summer Composition

The Impressionists

Local Color

Principles of Painting - Volume I: Drawing

Principles of Painting - Volume II: Value

Principles of Painting - Volume III: Color

Principles of Painting - Volume IV: Edges

Painting Outdoor Light

Plein Air: Painting the American Land., Vol.1

Plein Air: Painting the American Land., Vol.2

Painting Light: The Cape School Method

Mastering Color

Mastering Sunsets

Drawing the Portrait

Painting the Effects of Late Light

Painting the Features

Secrets of Portrait Painting




White Pine

The Captain's Portrait

Capital Collection

Sequential Sketches

The Sonoran Desert

Portrait Techniques of the Russian Masters

Anatomy of the Head

Perspective Made Simple

Adirondack Museum

Amber Books

Anderson, Janice

Aristides, Juliette

Barber, Barrington

Barber, Barrington

Barber, Barrington

Barber, Barrington

Bargue, Charles

Bayles, David…

Bentley/Laroque (s)

Bertrand, Raymond


Bookmart Limited

Briggs, Clare

Brown, Harley

Brutvan, Cheryl

Bumpus, Judith

Burnett, David

Butler Institute

Caddell, Foster

Caddell, Foster

Caddell, Foster

Caddell, Foster

Caldwell, Peter

Cameron, Julia

Carlson, John F.

Cassou, Michelle

Cederlund, Johan, etc.

Cederlund, Johan, etc.

Christensen, Scott

Cirker, Hayward

Clouse, Wendy

Collins, Amy

Coughlan, Robert

Cox, Mary

Curtis, David

Curtis, Roger

Davey, Barney

Dews, Pat

Dorrell, Paul

Dover Publications

Dow, Arthur Wesley

Dow, Helen

Duval, Paul

Editors of Realites

Edwards, Betty

Forty, Sandra

Francis, Russell

Frantzen, Rose

Frenkel Frank, Gregor

Gair, Angela

Gair, Angela

Genn, Robert

Genn, Robert

Ginsburg, Max

Goerschner, Ted

Goldman, Ken

Gould, Ted

Gov't. of Spain

Gruppe, Emile

Gruppe, Emile

Gurney, James

Hammond, Lee

Handell, Albert

Handell, Albert

Handell, Albert

Handell, Albert

Harris, Brenda

Hartt, Frederick

Hawthorne, Mrs. Chas.

Henri, Robert

Hillberry, J.D.

Innis, Joe

Jacobs, Ted Seth

Johnson, Bradford

Johnson, Michael C.

Kautzky, Theodore

Kedzierski, Alex

Kelley, Ramon

Konigsberger, Hans

Lacy, Roger

LaLumia, Frank

Lees, Sarah, et al.

Leffel, David A.


Loomis, Andrew

Lowery, Carol

Lumsden, Ian, et al.

Lyon, Susan

MacDonald, Arthur J.

MacPherson, Kevin

MacPherson, Kevin

Martin, Judy

Mason, Antony Maughan

Mayer, Ralph

McCaw, Dan

McConkey, Kenneth

McGraw, Sherrie

Milner, Frank

Myers, Bernard S.

Newman, Bruce

Newman, Bruce

Nicolaides, Kimon

Ormond, Richard

Parkhurst, Daniel B.

Parramon's Team

Parromon, J.M.

Patin, Sylie

Payne, Edgar

Penney, Jacqueline

Petrie, Ferdinand

Pickvance, Ronald

Pons-Sorolla, Blanca

Pons-Sorolla, Blanca


Powell, William F.

Powell, William F.

Powell, William F.

Quantum Books

Quiller, Stephen

Quiller, Stephen

Ramirez, Juan

Ratcliffe, Carter

Reader's Digest

Rewald, John

Robb, Tom

Robertson, Bruce

Robins, Clem

Rockport Publishers

Rodwell, Jenny

Roe, Sue

Ryder, Anthony

Sagner-Düchting, Karin

Sanden, John Howard

Sanden, John Howard

Schmid, Richard

Schmid, Richard

Schmid, Richard

Schmid, Richard

Schmid, Richard

Schmid, Richard

Schmid, Richard

Schmid, Richard

Schmid, Richard

Seary, Michael

Sheaks, Barclay



Silcox, David P.

Skolnick, Arnold

Sloan, Kim

Smith, Ray

Smith, Stan

Speed, Harold

Speed, Harold

Stein, Susan Alyson


Stern, Arthur


Strisik, Paul

Strisik, Paul

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Thies, Kristen

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Hagans, Wm. & Willow

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Wolf, Rachel

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Baugh, Casey

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Boedges, Mark

Boedges, Mark

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Britton, Michael

Burdick, Scott


Christensen, Scott

Cosby, John

Curtis, David

Demers, Don

Frantzen, Rose

Ginsburg, Max

Gleiter, Ulrich

Guzik, Nancy

Handell, Albert

Handell, Albert

Handell, Albert

Handell, Albert

Kassan, David Jon

Keys, Daniel James

Keys, Daniel James

Koch Entertainment

Mueller-Stahl, Armin

Neher, Brian

Neher, Brian

Neher, Brian

Neher, Brian

Neher, Brian



Prezwodek, Camille

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Robinson, Richard

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Sacran, Jason

Sanden, John Howard

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Schmid, Richard

Schmid, Richard

Schmid, Richard

Schmid, Richard

Schmid, Richard

Schmid, Richard

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Withers, Larry